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East Meets West Acupuncture, 1002 Birchfield Dr, Mt Laurel, NJ, USA

About Elsie Kerns – Wellness With Elsie

    Alternative and Complementary Medicine
    As a Wellness Educator, Elsie has over 28 years of training and expertise in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Wellness presentations include classes at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies; Drexel’s graduate program in Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Camden County College’s Holistic Health Institute.

    About Elsie Kerns - Overwhelm Warrior
    Elsie’s passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective, and practical stress solutions. These self-care healthy lifestyle options restore, revitalize, and renew one’s energy and passion for life.

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    East Meets West Acupuncture, 1002 Birchfield Dr, Mt Laurel, NJ, USA

    Some examples of these self-healing and self-empowering tools include:

    • Practical Stress Solutions Available 24/7
    • Wellness for Life with Energy Medicine
    • The Relaxation Response
    • Healings ~ Simple, Powerful and Restorative
    • Manifesting Abundance in Tough Time
    • Mind-body balancing with the tapping skills of Emotional Freedom Technique™.

    Elsie Kerns is an Elsie Kerns is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Authorized EM101-102 Teacher and Energy Medicine for Women Instructor.

    Private Consultations, Worksite Wellness, Seminars, and Zoom Teleclasses are some of the ways Elsie teaches Wellness for Life.

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